How can you participate on our Pool?

Buying and Selling ADA Coins

You can buy/sell/swap Cardano(ADA) on a public Exchange like Bitpanda or Coinbase.

Managing ADA Coins

To manage your Coins you’ll need a wallet. You should never leave your Coins, for your own safety, on an Exchange. Be aware that there is currently no Mobile Wallet available. By the time of this writing only two Wallets are considered clean and trustworthy: Deadalus and Yoroi. You’ll find an alway up-to-date List on the official Cardano Website: Wallets If you plan to invest long-term we suggest to buy yourself a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X. Usually you would buy ADA on an exchange, send them to your wallet and setup the delegation to a stake pool from your wallet. If you want to change your ADA back to USD or EUR you will need to send them to an exchange and sell them there for your preferred currency.

How volatile is Cardano?

Staking cryptocurrenices is one way to generate passive income. You’ll always need to consider the coin’s market value, capitalization and liquidity. Like any other cryptocurrency, Cardano/ADA has a very volatile and unpredictibale price. If the price dips or there is a selloff in the market, the losses can be greater than the earnings from staking.

What are the Risks of staking Cardano?

Any staked ADA coins remain in your wallet and you’ll earn interest on it like you would in a savings account. So the risk is considered to be very low.

Delegate your Coins to our Stakepool

In your Wallet use the delegation function and search for the Pool “ADALOT” or the Ticker “ALOT” to set up a delegation to our pool. Our Pool ID is: e7db783b5abf2c185a23eeeb6923a0b2dd1faae4e5becfc4758c7814 Statistics can be checked here:

Will my Coins be moved to your Pool?

No, your Coins will always stay in the Blockchain and be tied to your Wallet. You only give the Stakepool a delegation. Even while staked you can spend your ADA at anytime. Like Money in your Wallet.

How do i claim my Rewards?

The minimum amount to claim is 0.5 ADA. Your rewards will not expire - you can claim them at any time. Claiming does cost a small network fee which is charged by the Cardano Blockchain - so do not claim to often to save on fees. Your rewards will be counted towards your total staked amount. Regardless if claimed or not. So your rewards will raise your staked amount automatically.

Which Fees do i have to pay?

If you begin staking there is a one-time Fee of 2 ADA, billed by the Blockchain to register your staking Address.